Recently, owner of Hubbard’s Maid Service, Nicole Hubbard, and Artisha McCormick, training manager for Hubbard’s, were on WTOC Mid-Morning Live to talk about the companies involvement with Cleaning For A Reason, a benevolence program that provides free cleanings for women undergoing treatment for cancer. Hubbard’s Maid Service has been a participant of Cleaning For A Reason since 2010. Cleaning For A Reason has 1200 maid service partners in the US and Canada. Collectively 10 million dollars worth of cleanings have been donated to women with cancer. All of the maid services that volunteer within the foundation are professional, insured, businesses that do background checks on their maids. The foundation in turn provides the online application process, screens the patients and then matches the patient with the available maid service. All of the maid services have agreed to take on patients and clean their homes once a month for 2 consecutive months. At Hubbard’s Maid Service we send out one maid to clean for 4 hours each time. In Savannah, GA, for most homes here locally, a 4 hour house cleaning is a really nice clean. It’s a great gift to the community!

Cleaning technicians at Hubbard’s Maid Service love to clean for the cancer patients as Artisha was able to share on WTOC, they feel they are more blessed than the patients themselves by being able to make a difference in women’s lives who are battling cancer.
If you are a woman undergoing treatment for cancer or know someone who is, please go to to sign-up for this wonderful service.