On May 14th we had a training managers meeting/lunch at the Driftaway Cafe, here in lovely Savannah, Georgia. It was a delicious time to connect with several incredible team members of our cleaning company. At Hubbard’s Maid Service, our two training managers are Renee and Artisha.

They have the very critical job of training and assessing all new potential candidates into our employee system. Renee has worked for Hubbard’s for 7 years. She is a highly sought after cleaning technician with a long standing loyal clientele. Renee believes in being organized, service oriented, and training new employees by the highest standards. She’s always asking new trainees questions about what they’ve learned and assessing them on their teachability.

As for Artisha, she’s a very warm, kind person. We want our new hires to feel comfortable as they transition into their new job. It can be nerve wracking starting at a new place and Artisha is the perfect type of person to welcome someone new into Hubbard’s Maid Service. Artisha is a hard working mom who is fearless in pushing herself and testing herself to become a better person. She always tries to instill in her new trainees the importance of service. She loves her clients and making them feel like they can come home to a clean environment. Artisha has worked for Hubbard’s Maid Service for 4 years.

We are so lucky to have such wonderful hard working ladies service our clients. They are a gift to everyone around them, including the other employees, as they inspire all of us to excellence. They are also wonderful people to lean on as they are problem solvers and not problem makers. Thank you Renee and Artisha for your amazing service, you are a gift to us all!