Get us to do your laundry at your home. Right now.

Are you tired of spending your nights and weekends doing laundry? Sort, wash, fold, put away, repeat. Do you have better things to do with your time?

Great Home Laundry Service In Savannah, GA

Two Great Packages | Wash, Sort & Fold Clothes, Bedding & All Home Laundry

Package #1, Laundry with Light Cleaning:

With this package, we’ll tidy up and do some light cleaning while we’re putting your laundry through the washer and dryer. Hint: If you have a “QuickWash” cycle, things go faster.

Package #2, Laundry Only:

If the laundry is done, we’ll fold or hang and neatly put everything away. If we have time, we straighten up a bit. Some clients prefer doing their own laundry, but have difficulty getting the clean laundry put away.

Don’t worry—we’re taking plenty of COVID-19 precautions, and we’re happy to discuss them with you.

You can arrange to have us come once, twice, or at regular intervals. We can arrange something that perfectly suits you and your schedule.