Recently we were featured on a local news station and asked to provide cleaning tips to the viewers. It’s always fun to be on TV and talk about cleaning because the subject is so potentially despised. In fact, cleaning is kind of hated. The UK Daily Mail had an odd article that came out in May of 2018 about cleaning and chores and it stated that the number one chore American’s hate the most is cleaning the toilet. Cleaning toilets, though hated, is probably one of the easiest tasks to accomplish because the material it’s made out of makes it easy to clean with the right tools, it’s not usually a large surface area to clean, and the results are immediately gratifying.New cleaning technicians that are hired on at Hubbard’s Maid Service are taught to clean toilets immediately and during training because it’s one of the most straightforward items we clean. We teach them to clean toilets quickly and well. This training is something that anyone can learn from. Toilets are most often made of porcelain. It’s a sanitary surface that’s easy to clean. Toilets do collect a lot of dust though. We recommend dry dusting the horizontal surfaces of a toilet with a paper towel or dry cleaning cloth as spraying liquid over dust just creates a gooey mess.
After the toilet has been check for dust, then, take your multi purpose cleaner and follow these directions:

  1. Lift up the lids to the upright position.
  2. Spray the underside of the seat and the porcelain bottom. Lower the lid.
  3. Spray the top side of the seat.
  4. Spray the underside of the lid and lower it.
  5. Spray the top of the lid, the bolts that hold down the lid and any other porcelain area.
  6. Wipe in reverse of whatever you sprayed.

After you’ve done this a few times the task becomes quick and efficient. This comes from our training program that we use called “Perfect Maintenance Cleaning.”

You can also use industrial “tooth” brushes to clean in cracks and crevices and around the bolts. For cleaning the inside of toilets we recommend using a pumice stone which you can purchase at Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot for several dollars each. They are wonderful tools to remove hard water stains which toilets accumulate regularly in our coastal southern region.

Because a toilet is not a large surface area if cleaned in an orderly fashion the hated chore can be done quickly. Don’t forget cleaning the caulking around the toilet base which might need an industrial “tooth” brush to clean that area. The base probably can be wiped down with a dry cleaning cloth as this surface is more vertical and won’t collect as much dirt or dust. Also, do address the floor around and behind the toilet as well. If you have a caddy close by and a small whisk broom you can whisk dirt from the floor into the dust pan in this tight area and wipe with a cleaning cloth from your caddy. This strategic placing of equipment eliminates movements and time from the entire process of cleaning the toilet.

The results are instantly gratifying because having a clean sanitary toilet makes for a healthier home. To add a layer of protection you can also spray the toilet down with Lysol for a finishing touch. Cleaning toilets is a hated chore of course, but being able to do it well and do it quickly makes it less aggravating so you can focus on, let’s face it, just about anything else. And if you just can’t stand the thought of having to do it yourself, we don’t mind a bit, we’ll do it for you, give us a call at 912-961-9131 and our maids would be more than happy to solve that problem for you!