According to Angie’s List, housekeeping services can cost you up to $200 per visit. The cost will vary depending on your home’s size and how thorough the cleaning is. You might think that the price is too much, especially if you’re the type of person that is cautious about where they channel their funds.  

However, hiring housekeeping services will save you money in the long run. You might not believe us because we’re using “hiring” and “saving money” in the same sentence.

If you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn six ways you can save money by hiring housekeeping services.

1. You Won’t Buy Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

If you want to deep clean your home, you’ll need the right cleaning solutions and equipment. You’ll need quality equipment to clean your carpet without damage, or expensive supplies to make your oven shine.

Think about floor cleaners, furniture polish, sprays, and sanitizing wipes. The total cost of the cleaning products can add up quickly and weigh heavily on you. If you have hardwood floors, you might require special cleaners, which will be pricey.

Housekeeping cleaning services will bring their supplies and equipment. So, you won’t spend a dime on expensive cleaning supplies.

You’ll need a few supplies to clean up minor messes as you wait for the next deep cleaning service. However, you’ll save big time on cleaning supplies and equipment necessary for a thorough house cleaning job. The less money you spend on cleaning equipment, the more money you’ll have in your wallet.

2. More Time for Productive Activities

Sure, you can decide that you’ll be cleaning your house every Sunday. But, do you feel good about spending your valuable time off cleaning?

You can do more enjoyable things, like making some extra cash. You can also spend priceless time with your family and friends.

Professional housekeeping services will save you time and money because time is valuable. But how much money are we talking about?

Let’s assume you earn about $50 per hour. If you spend five hours cleaning your home, it will cost you $250 in cleaning time.

If it costs you about $150 to have housekeeping cleaning services do the job, you’ll save five hours of your productive time. You’ll also save $100 on cleaning every week.

Thorough cleaning can take a lot of time, even if you have a small home. Housekeeping services can do all the work while you spend your time making money or playing.

3. Thorough Cleaning Saves You the Cost of Frequent Cleaning

If you’re a busy bee, you will not have enough time to deep clean your home. You will most likely clean the obvious areas like the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen surfaces.

Your house will never look spick and span if you only clean a few parts. As a result, you’ll have to clean often.

However, when you hire professional home cleaners, they will do a thorough job. They know the house cleaning tips to use to ensure your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and general spaces get full attention.

As a result, you’ll enjoy a sparkling clean home for a longer duration before you schedule another clean-up. In turn, you’ll save on the costs that come with cleaning your house regularly.

4. You Spend Less on Health Issues Associated With a Dirty Home

If you keep putting off cleaning your home, you’ll be putting yourself and your family at high risk of health issues. You’ll be more at risk of allergies due to poor ceiling cleaning. You’ll also be at more risk of foodborne diseases if you don’t clean your fridge well.

All these health issues mean you’ll spend more money seeking healthcare services for you and your family.

Contracting the best housekeeping services will help you save money on treating these health issues. They will clean every corner of your house that may be a breeding ground for disease pathogens.

For example, they will remove pet hair, dust mites, and pollen that may cause allergies. They will also clean your fridge thoroughly to ensure that it isn’t a breeding ground for bacteria.

When your home environment is healthy, you won’t spend much at the doctor’s office. You will also save money on over-the-counter drugs for dust allergies.

5. You Won’t Need to Buy Household Items and Appliances Regularly

Unlike you, professional cleaners know the right detergents to use for various surfaces. They know the right products and equipment to use to clean your carpet, walls, and kitchen surfaces. This means they will minimize the risk of wear and tear caused by using the wrong equipment and detergents on a surface.

Housekeeping services are well-versed in all housekeeping techniques for caring for your rugs and furniture. They’ll understand how to handle your appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers properly. Most professional cleaning companies have insurance that can help them replace your items in case of accidents.

Professional house cleaning will keep everything in your house in its best shape. As a result, the items will have a longer lifespan. This means you won’t spend money on replacing or refinishing expensive household items.

6. You’ll Save on Your Security Deposit

When moving out of a rental, the landlord or property manager may hold you accountable for the damage you were not even aware of. You might also have to pay for the layers of dirt accumulated during your stay. The landlord will retain a large portion of your security deposit in such cases.

If you hire housekeeping services, you’ll stay on top of your maintenance and cleaning. You will notice when there is damage and should address it immediately. 

The cleaners will also ensure that no dust accumulates and haunts you later in terms of higher fees. As a result, you will get back a larger portion of your security deposit.

Save Your Money With Housekeeping Services

A clean home is a prerequisite for healthy living. You are probably worried that hiring housekeeping services to clean your home will cost you an arm and a leg. We have shown you how professional cleaners will save you money.

However, you’ll only save money if you hire a reliable housekeeping service provider. This is why you should consider Hubbard’s Maid Service to clean your home thoroughly and professionally. Contact us for a free quote and start saving on your home’s cleaning.