Once you’ve found a house-cleaning company that you like, which can take a
while (unless you’ve tried us), the next step is committing to a regular cleaning or
maintenance schedule.

Here are four tips for selecting a house-cleaning maintenance/schedule package.

1. Make a commitment.

The first tip is to commit to a cleaning schedule. There are several good reasons to do this. If you commit to a cleaning schedule, then your house will always look clean, and you will be a lot happier.

You will be able to set your watch by your cleaners, and you will be able to rely on
them coming at regular intervals—such as every Thursday or Friday so the house
is clean for the weekend and guests.

If you don’t commit, and always call at the last minute, you may not be able to get
the cleaning done when you need it because every business tries to keep its
schedule very full and the business may not be able to fit you in.

Also, when a home is cleaned regularly, the home stays clean, so every time the
cleaners come, the cleaning is quick and easy. If you always wait until your house
looks like a giant mess, the cleaning is harder to do and takes longer. The longer
different surfaces stay dirty, the harder they are to clean.

2. Consider your own schedule.

Pick what suits you. If you always want your house clean for weekends, then
schedule something late in the week. Another person might prefer someone
cleaning after the weekends because that person always has parties on the

Someone else may want cleaners to come when no one is home, like mid-week,
and mid-day when everyone is at work or at school. You choose what works best
for you and your lifestyle.

3. Be realistic about prices.

Some people think that having cleaners come less frequently for a Top to Bottom
Clean will be cheaper than having someone come regularly for Maintenance

That is not necessarily the case. As mentioned above, the dirtier house that isn’t
cleaned as often will be more work, take more time, and cost more money.

4. Consider your particular needs.

The bigger the house and the more people live there, the more often you will need cleaning. One person living in two rooms will not likely need the same frequency of cleaning as six people living in 12 rooms.

You and your cleaning company should put your heads together to figure out what works best for your situation. Every home is unique, and every person’s needs are also unique.

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