If you have ever moved anywhere, then you know that once all the furniture and boxes are moved out, the place needs to be cleaned.

If you’re a renter, then getting your full deposit back may depend on how clean you leave your previous home.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market in Savannah and surrounding areas remains strong. Realtors everywhere are now taking special precautions when showing homes for sale or rent. And that’s why you should hire a professional cleaning service for move-out cleaning.

Only a professional cleaning service (like ours) will sanitize all the surfaces and do a stellar job. That’s because professionals know how to clean and have a checklist of tasks that have to be completed for every job.

In addition, the use of a professional cleaning service after moving out can be a selling feature. Your new owner or listing realtor will appreciate that professionals have been through the home and left it free of viruses and bacteria on surfaces like counters and door knobs.

We know that COVID-19 can remain viable on surfaces like plastic or stainless steel for two or three days. The only way to be sure that surfaces have been sanitized is to use trained professionals.

If you are getting ready to move out of your property, get in touch with us, and let us clean your home to get it ready for the next tenant or owner. It’s the responsible thing to do for everyone in real estate, and not just for the sake of COVID-19.

Hubbard’s Maid Service provides reliable and responsible professional cleaners for residential homes and offices. We operate in the Savannah, Georgia, metropolitan area as well as covering Chatham, Effingham, and Bryan Counties.

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