While over 58% of people perform a deep clean in spring, only 16% do one in winter. This is the time when your home needs it most, with holidays approaching and the dust of summer still clinging to your property. But do you know which tasks are the most important?

If not, then we can help you out. Read on for our must-know guide on essential winter housekeeping services. 

1. Full Kitchen Clean

When the cold winter months come, rodents and bugs decide to come indoors to a warmer place. If they are provided with a wealth of food, then they are probably going to stay. Once you have an infestation, it can be very hard to remove. 

A housekeeping service will give a thorough clean of your home from top to bottom. Behind every oven, refrigerator, and cupboard will be a mountain of food crumbs and scraps. These will be the first thing to get removed. 

If you have ever tried to get to these places, you will realize how tough it is. You can make this easier throughout the year by ensuring you wipe down surfaces properly after use.

Oven Cleaning

One particularly nasty task when kitchen cleaning is the oven. If you are getting ready for a Christmas cooking marathon, you need it spick and span. Anyone who has tried it before will tell you just how tricky it is. 

A special solution needs to be used on all the grime and grease inside. Due to the shape of the oven, it can be very hard to maneuver. A professional will know how to do this with less time and effort than it would take you to do it yourself. 

2. Carpet Cleaning

The summer can cause havoc with rugs and carpets. Dry air means that dirt, grit, and sand from shoes and sandals get ground down into the fibers. Even with a vacuum, this can be hard to remove. 

Of course, as more feet walk on top, it will get worse. A deep carpet clean with steam is the only way to really get rid of it. This will go places a vacuum does not and revitalize the luster of the carpet. 

Allergens are also something that can easily get stuck in your carpet. Be it dander, pet hair, or pollen, the summer months are a haven for anything and everything to make you sneeze. Make sure you remove it with a thorough clean. 

3. Window Cleaning

The grit and grime from the summer months do not just accumulate on your floor. Take a look out of your windows and see the dust and fingerprint smudges that build up over the season. If you want to make the most of the little sun you get in the winter, you need to let it through the windows. 

Window cleaning is not often included in a weekly or daily housekeeping service, so make sure you schedule it. The cleaner will clean the windows and sills, ensuring no streaks or lines are left on the glass. If you want the outside of higher windows done, warn them in advance as it may require specialist materials. 

4. Chimney Sweep

For those with an open fire, sweeping the chimney once a year is essential. This helps avoid smoke damage and chimney fires. Luckily, many sweeps have high-powered vacuums and don’t make the mess you expect them to do. 

Chimney sweeping may not be covered by your usual housekeeping cleaning services provider. Thus, you will need to do a search in the local area. Ideally, you want to get this in before the busy months of the festive season. 

5. Laundry

Housekeeping cleaning services are almost certain to provide laundry services. If this is something you have not thought of doing before, now is the time. Over the holiday season, you will be busy, and you don’t want to spend time washing and ironing clothes for yourself and the family. 

Instead, the laundry service will do it all for you. Clothes will be dried, hung up, and even pressed if you wish. 

6. HVAC Servicing

Once you have a clean, tidy home and get ready to relax down, the last thing you need is a heater that won’t function. You can keep it in great condition and pre-empt any possible problems by scheduling HVAC maintenance. 

The first task the expert will do is check and replace your furnace filters. This provides better performance, energy efficiency, and air quality to your home. It will also prevent dust accumulation.

After this, the air ducts will be cleaned. Once again, this removes allergens, pet dander and saves energy. By having a clear passage on the air ducts, you also stop the system from having to work extra hard to provide your home with clean, warm air. 

7. Vacant Home Cleaning

The winter months are the most unlikely time for people to move house. If you have a vacant home, then it will probably stay that way for the rest of the year. This means winterizing it, ready for new viewers in the spring. 

Your first stop is with a clean. Even if the home has been empty for a while, a clean can rid it of the dust and dirt that is the byproduct of a vacant property.

Hiring Housekeeping Services

While some services like HVAC maintenance and chimney sweeping needs specialists, other tasks will be handled by a housekeeping services company. Call around for the best quote, knowing what you want beforehand. 

Hubbards Maid Service should be your first stop. From cleaning to laundry, we can provide a comprehensive service. Contact us to request a quote and let us clean your home this holiday season.