Did you know that clutter impacts your anxiety levels, ability to focus, and even productivity?

While it can be challenging to organize a cluttered space, you can certainly do it, even if little by little (choosing one room at a time). In the end, it will make your house look more spacious and help improve your mental health.

If you’re looking to decrease stress and create space on your property, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to learn how to declutter your home.

Store Items Under the Bed

If you’re short on closet space but own seasonal items (e.g., decorations, clothing, and bedding), it might be interesting to store them under the bed. Keep in mind to put these items in plastic bins so they don’t get super dusty.

Here’s another tip: you can also store items you don’t frequently use in suitcases, especially if you don’t travel often. After all, the more closet space you have, the better it is!

Home Organization Includes Reevaluating Your Closet

You likely have clothes you’re not into anymore or never wear. So, pile everything you own onto the bed to help you visualize how cluttered your wardrobe can be. Then, put your clothes into separate piles while deciding what will be donated, stored and what you’ll keep.

Remember to use vacuum bags to put seasonal clothing like winter jackets or summer dresses. The point is that by organizing your closet and getting rid of items that aren’t useful anymore, you’ll have a chance to create your dream wardrobe.

Use Drawer Organizers

There’s nothing like opening a drawer and visualizing your items flawlessly grouped and arranged. Look for a well-made draw organizer to make it easier to organize things. Indeed, you’ll notice how quickly it will be to find your objects.

Take a Look At Your Pantry

Take time to reevaluate your pantry. Get rid of unwanted and expired products. Then, rearrange the space to ensure that specific food groups are stored neatly.

Also, try to use storage containers, racks, and baskets to maintain similar items together. Here’s a bonus tip: use clear containers with a labeler to know what’s inside right away when looking at a box.

Watch Out For Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen counters can easily become clutter-magnets. So, to keep things tidy, choose what it’s necessary and what you like the most. Clear everything off the counters, apart from two to five key items, such as a knife block or coffee maker, whatever brings you joy.

Then, donate the kitchen appliances or cooking essentials you decided to put away. In the end, you’ll have an uncluttered countertop and will be helping those who need it the most.

Purge Your Garage

Many people’s garages are a dumping ground for all types of items. Indeed, the garage can be the most cluttered corner of people’s homes.

To avoid a cluttered space, use wall racks. It will keep things off the floor, and you’ll quickly be able to find stuff when you require them. Also, you might want to consider installing a bike rack attached to the ceiling and shelving to help you declutter your space for good.

Clear Off Your Office Desk and Drawers

If you have a home office space, try to remove most items from your office desk. Sure, you’ll need to keep your lamp, laptop, and other essentials, but there’s no need to have things you barely use on your desk. While a few knickknacks are alright, don’t overdo it.

When it comes to office drawers, only use them to store office supplies. To remove clutter, take everything out of your drawers, get rid of stuff you haven’t used in six months, and organize like-things together.

Remember that you can use small boxes, containers, or drawer organizers to keep things tidy.

Declutter Your Home Bathrooms: Toss The Excess

First, empty your drawers, and clear off your bathroom counters. It might be good to declutter various toilets at once so you can visualize how much clutter you have. You might have more towels than you need to use in a month (if that’s the case, donate them to a local animal shelter).

Do you have a product that has only a tiny bit left? Then be mindful and give yourself two weeks to use it. Otherwise, throw it away. While decluttering, if you find out that you have enough soap to last you for a year, stop buying such a product and use what you already have.

Finally, check out the expiration date if you’re keeping something you received as a gift that you’re not a fan of (maybe a fancy face mask or a bath bomb set). Then decide to get rid of it, use it as soon as possible, or give it as a present to a close friend.

The point is, don’t let gifts, bathroom accessories, and self-care products become clutter.

How To Declutter Your Home

Now that you know how to declutter your home, get ready to take the first step. Choose a room or a closet to remove unnecessary items. Then, pick another room. Soon enough, your house will look incredibly tidy.

Try to have fun during this process! Put your favorite songs on and ask those who live with you to help you organize the house. In the end, decluttering will help you lead a more productive and focused life.

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