The clutter throughout your home could cause unnecessary stress. In fact, about a third of people are overwhelmed by clutter but don’t know where to start cleaning. Excessive stress could impact your health and well-being.

Instead of letting a mess linger, consider tackling it with these organization tips! You can get started by focusing on one space at a time. Let’s tackle your pantry cleaning and organization first.

Here are the seven pantry organization tips you need to minimize clutter in your kitchen. With these tips, you can take control and minimize stressful stimuli.

Get organized this year! Get started with these simple pantry cleaning tips today.

1. Take Inventory

Start with a clean slate by emptying out your entire pantry. Otherwise, you might struggle to use the rest of these organization tips.

Emptying out your shelves will also make your pantry easier to clean from top to bottom. 

As you remove items from your pantry, make sure to check for expiration dates. Toss out any items that are past their prime. Consider which items you no longer want, need, or use, too.

You might also want to toss out any boxes or bags of food that are nearly empty. Consider tossing any spices you’ve had for over six months as well. You can refresh your pantry with brand-new items.

Minimizing the items in your pantry will make the rest of these organization tips easier to use. You can free up space in your pantry and remain organized. 

As you clear out old items, consider what’s left. Take inventory of items you’ll need in the future.

You can start creating a grocery list to prepare for the next time you need to shop. Maintaining a basic list of essentials can simplify your life in the future. You’ll know exactly which pantry items you’ll need to keep in stock. 

Keep your list near the pantry and update it regularly.

2. Start Categorizing

About 80% of the clutter in your home is due to disorganization, not lack of space. Now that you’re working with a clean slate, it’s time to get organized. 

Start by placing similar items together. For example, you might consider grouping:

  • Canned goods
  • Baking ingredients
  • Condiments
  • Oils
  • Snacks
  • Kid-friendly items

Consider creating a kid-friendly spot on the bottom shelf. You can add water bottles, cereal dispensers, and snack bins to this area. Your kids will have an easy way to grab snacks on their own.

You can also give them the opportunity to help you organize the pantry when it’s time to put groceries away. 

Try to use bins that have dividers already built-in. Offer your kids a variety of healthy snack options (like fruit gummies, crackers, and protein bars). Make sure these items are labeled and visible.

When it’s time to put groceries away, your kids will have an easier time helping you remain organized. 

3. Toss or Donate

As you use these pantry cleaning tips, consider the items you’ve removed from your shelves. If you have any unopened items or canned goods, dust them off. Consider donating what you no longer need or want. 

4. Label Containers

Once you’ve grouped similar items in your pantry, consider purchasing containers to remain organized. Remove any cardboard boxes or plastic bags from your pantry. Otherwise, the store-provided packaging can leave your pantry looking cluttered.

Odd-shaped items like root veggies and chip bags can make it difficult to remain neat and organized, too.

Instead, consider placing those items in bins and boxes. You no longer have to leave items loosely stacked on your shelves.

Consider purchasing clear food storage containers. You’ll have an easier time keeping track of your groceries. Stackable containers will ensure everything remains cohesive, too. 

Once you have your new containers, take the time to label everything. You can use a Bluetooth label maker to get started. Otherwise, consider purchasing chalkboard labels.

You can update items as needed so every member of your family knows which items go where.

5. Clean and Line the Shelves

Keep your pantry clean year-round by adding shelf liners to your shelves.

Liners will keep any small items from falling through wire shelves. It can keep boxes from tipping over, too.

If you have wet ingredients like condiments and oils, you can keep them from slipping off or slipping onto the floor.

Before adding the liners to your pantry shelves, wash down each shelf using warm, soapy water. Clean away crumbs to keep bugs at bay. Vacuum the pantry floor, too. 

If there are any sticky spots, tackle them using hot water and baking soda.

If necessary, sprinkle baking soda onto any affected areas with goopy stains. After the baking soda sits for a minute, scrape it clean.

Dry your shelves before applying your liners. 

6. Use Door Space

Try to maximize your space in creative ways. For example, you can purchase an adjustable over-the-door rack. A door rack will help free up shelf space inside your pantry.

You can place canned goods, jars, and water bottles on the door for easy access. 

If you have extra wall space, consider using hooks for non-food items. For example, you can hang up reusable grocery bags, brooms, or aprons.

You can also add a wall-mounted bag dispenser to the wall for your trash bags. 

7. Hire a Pro

You don’t have to start using these pantry cleaning tips alone. Instead, consider hiring a professional maid service.

A professional team can tackle difficult messes and stains with high-quality products. They’ll know the best organization tips and tricks to use, too. With their help, you won’t have to take on the stress of organizing your kitchen alone. 

You can even hire a cleaning company to arrive routinely to maintain your pantry and kitchen. 

Perfect Pantries: 7 Essential Pantry Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Leaving your home and kitchen full of clutter can cause unnecessary stress in your life. Instead, consider using these seven simple pantry cleaning and organizing tips. Keeping your kitchen organized will help you avoid unwanted stress.

Remember, you don’t have to apply these organization tips alone. We can help. 

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