When you’re cleaning your home the last thing on your mind is protecting your child from harmful chemicals, but did you know that exposure to toxic products in childhood can lead to asthma? 

The good news is, that there’s a simple solution to solve this problem. You can use more eco-friendly products and pick efficient cleaning tools. But, first, you need to know what to buy.

This article will give you a breakdown of the best home cleaning products that are safe for your family and don’t harm the environment.

Why You Need to Care About Chemicals 

Green cleaning is fast becoming a popular trend amongst families and homeowners. When you clean this way you only use organic cleaning products. 

Cleaning a home doesn’t mean you need to use chemicals. You can still kill bacteria with cleaning product ingredients that are more natural.

This means switching your home cleaning products will make the home safe and healthy. 

By using organic solutions you will also protect your health from harm. Often, store-bought cleaning products are full of chemicals that can make you cough, sneeze, develop skin rashes, and even cause headaches! 

So, your constant migraine might not be from the lack of sleep. It could be from the spray you’re using to clean your home! 

Plus, you can also save money when buying green products. There are a few solutions that you can mix together at home without buying too many ingredients. 

However, one of the main reasons that green cleaning products are the best way to clean your home is that they are better for the environment. 

Better for the Environment 

Chemical cleaning products can cause indoor pollution and contribute to high urban pollution in your area. If you want to become more cautious about your carbon footprint then opt for green cleaning! 

Having safe products is also essential for your family’s well-being as little ones can come into reach of cleaning products easily in your home. The last thing you want is to have your child get an accidental rash.

The Best Home Cleaning Products to Buy 

Even though we all want to keep our homes clean and tidy, you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality in order to buy cleaning products. If you know what to look for, you can find amazing deals.

1. Tee Tree Soap 

A household isn’t complete without a good multi-purpose soap, right? Most likely, you’ll be using soap on your car, laundry, and even your skin. However, most of us have different soaps for various uses. 

A good tip for house cleaning is to use a small amount of organic soap like tee tree soap and mix it with water. This creates a wonderful, natural solution that can be sprayed in your kitchen and bathroom.

Although, you can also use the same soap to wash your dishes after cooking. Therefore, investing in a green soap made from organic ingredients is great value for money as you can use it to clean many things! 

2. Bamboo Anti-bacterial Wipes 

Besides soap, another common cleaning product is surface wipes. They are easy and effective for getting into those corners on the table with dirt or cleaning a surface after making sandwiches for lunch. 

By picking bamboo anti-bacterial wipes you can use fewer chemicals and have a more pleasant smell after cleaning. We all know that feeling when you clean your home and there’s a lingering chemical smell in the air.

But, wipes made from bamboo and other natural extracts are lovely to smell and they clean thoroughly. You can also find wipes like these packaged in biodegradable packaging which makes them even better! 

3. Eco-friendly Laundry Conditioner 

Laundry is one of those cleaning tasks that just never seems to stop. There’s always a pile of dirty clothes lying in the corner and a bag of bedsheets waiting to be freshened up. 

That means you’re probably doing several loads of washing a week, which requires chemicals every time you put on a cycle.

However, with a simple change to an organic laundry conditioner, you can limit the toxins in your home. Being cautious about laundry products is especially important as you put the material on your skin. 

If you have children you’ll want to be extra safe and pick something sensitive for their skin. And, there’s nothing better than natural conditioners! 

4. Organic Cotton Dishcloths 

The last thing you need to worry about when it comes to changing your home to green products is the dishcloths. As you rub your hands on these towels every few hours you are in constant contact with the material. 

Therefore, it’s vital that you have good quality dishcloths to use just like laundry detergent. Organic cotton is a fantastic choice for eco-friendly consumers looking for a natural alternative. 

You can find organic towels that are useful for mopping up liquid and come in beautiful designs that complement the decor of your home. They also last longer than cheaper options, so you can have them for a long time.

Even with all the right products, cleaning can be tiring and time-consuming so it can be a lifesaver to hire a professional cleaning service. You can easily find a cleaner on Hubbard’s Maid Service.

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Go Green and Clean Your Home Naturally 

As the world is becoming more aware of the environmental impacts of toxic chemicals, finding the best home cleaning products can be challenging. You might not want to have chemicals, but everyone wants to get rid of dirt. 

Sometimes, it can feel like there’s no solution to your problems. However, all of these options in this article are great substitutes for chemical solutions and will leave your home spotless after using them. 

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