My stopper was stuck!

My first cleaning tip is for a task our cleaners at Hubbard’s Maid Service don’t normally offer, but we’d be happy to help if asked! I noticed that my sink in the master bathroom had a slow drain and on further inspection, I could see that the stopper was covered in black mold, hair, and just plain gunk. It was horrifyingly gross! I tried to pull the stopper out of the drain, as what you should normally do and soak it in bleach, but my stopper was stuck! You can see me trying to pull it out here but it was lodged in there very tightly and I didn’t want to accidentally damage anything trying to remove it with a tool.

Stuck Stopper

I really didn’t want to touch the stopper, take it out, or even look at it because what I could see was quite frankly, gruesome enough for me. So I went to Walmart and purchased these two items here below:
Drain Products Purchased from Walmart

Down the Drain

I poured both items down the drain slowly, one application at a time, waited 15 minutes then followed with pouring a big pot of hot water after down the drain with each application. The pot in the image below is the one I used. It’s just a regular large pot, what you would use to make stew with or boil pasta.
Pasta Pot

The results were Amazing!

The slow drain was gone. I could tell the black mold, and the hair, especially the hair, we’re completely gone and the stopper looked pristine. Another huge plus was that small flies had started to come out the drain and now all insect activity has completely disappeared. Now I have a beautiful clean bathroom sink!

My beautiful clean sink

If your drains are starting to look unsanitary this is a great and easy way to get them clean again.

Here at Hubbard’s Maid Service we’re happy to pull out the stopper for you and soak it in bleach while we clean because trust me, that is one dirty job you don’t want to do yourself!


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