Did you know a clean home can benefit your mental health? If you want some tips for deep cleaning your home and keeping it organized, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to deep clean your home.

Want to learn more? Keep reading for house cleaning tips to help you deep clean your home.

1. Pick Up Microfiber Cloths

Before you deep clean your home, you’ll need to gather your cleaning supplies.

An essential cleaning tool is a microfiber cloth. Microfiber is better at cleaning surfaces, and you can throw it in the washing machine. The microfiber cloth is less likely to hold onto germs.

Use distilled white vinegar and your microfiber cloth when wiping down surfaces. You could also combine the vinegar with a bit of dish liquid soap and water.

2. Declutter Your Home

Before cleaning, remove clutter from your home. Walk through each room, and donate or put away visible clutter.

If you have many items you need to get rid of, place them in a box for now. This way, you can continue deep cleaning. When you get rid of clutter, you’ll have an easier time cleaning your home.

3. Clean From Top to Bottom

Start to clean higher surfaces like light fixtures, ceiling trim, and the ceiling first. You could look at getting a microfiber mop or a duster with a long handle. You’ll be able to clean hard-to-reach areas.

When you get to the bottom areas, you might need to spray your mop with a solution of soap and water. The bottom regions tend to have a buildup of dust and dirt.

When tackling your bathroom, make sure you add vinegar to your cleaning mixture. Vinegar will get rid of mildew and mold.

4. Don’t Forget Your Windows

When deep cleaning your home, you want to clean your windows. Before wiping them down, vacuum the tracks and sills.

Spray your window with a glass cleaner from top to bottom. Wait a few minutes before you squeegee the cleaner off.

5. Vacuum Window Shades or Blinds

Don’t spend a bunch of time removing the shades or blinds. Instead, vacuum the window treatment by using a brush attachment.

You can fluff the curtains in your dryer for a few minutes to save time.

6. Get Rid Of Dust

Next, you’ll want to remove dust from hard surfaces with a furniture cleaner. Use a clean cloth and wipe down shelves, wood furniture, and other surfaces.

Dust items like handrails, TV screens, picture frames, and knickknacks. A lint roller can remove dust or dirt from lampshades.

Walk through your home and disinfect the rest of the surfaces. Don’t forget to sanitize appliances, cabinets, doorknobs, countertops, light switches, and remotes.

Disinfect surfaces that could deliver germs to people’s faces or fingers. You can create a disinfection solution by mixing a half cup of white vinegar with a cup of water.

7. Complete a Cleaning Task in Every Room

Your deep cleaning will be a lot more efficient if you pick one task and complete it in every room. For example, consider dusting every room in the home.

Some people might focus on cleaning their kitchen before moving onto the next rooms. Instead, pick one task. You will feel a lot more efficient and less overwhelmed.

Learn how to sanitize your kitchen.

8. Clean Toilets, Sinks, and Tubs

You’ll want to spray the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, toilets, and tubs. Let the cleaning solution sink in for a few minutes. Return to the kitchen and start scrubbing the sink. Leave the toilets until the end.

Do you want to learn more about how to deep clean a bathroom? Check out this guide on bathroom cleaning.

9. Don’t Forget to Clean Your Pet’s Bed

To keep your cat or dog happy, make sure you clean its bed often. You can use a lint roller and a vacuum cleaner.

Before cleaning the bed, bring it outside and shake it to get rid of dander or fur. Once the bed airs out, you should vacuum it to get rid of hair. Use the lint roller to get the remaining fur.

Try to do this when you notice it’s dirty.

10. Deep Clean Your Floors

Before deep cleaning your floors, move the big pieces of furniture like sofas and beds. If you have to move these items alone, pick up furniture sliders.

Use your vacuum crevice tool to get rid of the dirt in corners or near the baseboards. Use a microfiber mop and the right cleaner for your flooring.

When it’s time to mop, begin mopping at the further corner of the room. Move your way back toward the doorway. Make sure you rinse your mop after finishing one room.

Do you have carpeting in your home? Consider renting a professional carpet cleaner. If you have any pets or kids running around your house, it might be worth it to buy one.

Consider doing some of these deep cleaning projects once a week. This way, you can keep your home in decent shape.

Now You Know How to Deep Clean

We hope this guide on deep cleaning your home was helpful. Now that you have some tips on how to deep clean make a list.

Consider asking family members to help you deep clean. Make sure you start from top to bottom. Pick up microfiber cleaning cloths.

If you don’t have time to do a deep clean, consider hiring a cleaning company. Request a quote today.