With summer holidays around the corner, nothing beats a clean house when you want to spend more time with loved ones. Summer cleaning is not for the faint-hearted because there is always so much dust in the air. You may also feel tired more frequently because of the heat.

Even vacuuming a small room can feel like a “sweat party” that no one looks forward to. If you want to have a clean summer home, here are our latest tips on how to keep a house clean. That way, you can host pool parties peacefully, knowing that dealing with the mess afterward will be a breeze.

How to Keep a House Clean

The first step is to assemble all the materials you need. This will involve a quick trip to the supermarket to buy all the equipment for your summer cleaning activity. To ensure that you do not buy the wrong items, check all your cabinets and cleaning supply drawers to see what is missing.

Then you should make a list of the essentials you need, like disinfectant sprays, gloves, window cleaner, microfiber cloths, a new duster, and so on. This way, you can get all your shopping done efficiently instead of having to stop in the middle of a project to run back out if you forget to pick up something.

The cleaning supplies you need depend on how your home is designed. For instance, if you have fancy hardwood floors, you will need a good polish to keep them in good shape. The same needs to be done for your kitchen, bathroom, and carpets.

While using strong chemicals, always remember to use protective gloves. This will keep your hands safe from scratches and any accidental burns. Finally, green cleaning products that are environmentally friendly are the best choice if you want to keep your children and pets safe from harmful toxic chemicals.

Do Your Planning

Depending on how big your house is and the number of rooms you have, you need to plan all your cleaning tasks in advance. With a pre-planned strategy, you can save a lot of time and effort to spend the rest of the time relaxing with loved ones during the holidays.

Avoid sweeping the floors before you wipe down all your countertops and shelves. This is because you will end up with all the dust particles on the floor and will need to sweep or vacuum once more.

Coping With Dust

There is nothing more troublesome than seeing dust particles all over your floors and surfaces. You should keep a good duster in hand to wipe down all your picture frames, desks, counters, tables, furniture, appliances, and windowsills.

This should be done regularly to prevent allergic reactions and weak immune systems if you neglect dust particles for too long. Alternatively, you should reach out to the best house cleaning service to protect your family from allergens by keeping your property fresh.

Declutter When You Can

Having too many items lying around at home can make the cleaning process much harder. Imagine trying to vacuum around tons of children’s toys and furniture blocking your way. Then you may need to practice advanced geometry just to mop around all these things.

By decluttering your home, you get rid of unwanted objects that make you and your loved ones feel uncomfortable. This way, you can keep all your areas tidy by donating things that you do not use anymore.

Then you can clean more effectively and save a lot of time while appreciating all the free space you have after the decluttering process.

Cleaning Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be the most relaxing space at home. It is where you come back for some peace and quiet after juggling work and errands all day. Bedrooms should always exude a sense of freshness to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Therefore, you need to spend time washing all your linen and arranging the pillows. Always get into a habit of making your bed every morning when you wake up. Your bedding should also be washed once a week to keep your room smelling heavenly, so you can look forward to sinking into the soft mattress at bedtime.

Cleaning Bathrooms

Bathrooms are where the most germs collect. You need to always have a squeaky-clean bathroom to avoid getting sick. Use high-grade toilet bleach and cleaning strips to clean your toilet bowl. These are practical if you want to keep your toilet always disinfected.

Your wall and floor tiles also need to be disinfected. This is because the bathroom is the most humid room in the house. You are always at risk of mildew and mold that grows easily, especially in the shower and areas next to it. Grout cleaner and some mold removers will come in handy to give your toilet and shower spaces a decent scrub.

Keeping Kitchen Fresh

Your kitchen needs to always stay fresh so you can cook food without germs and bacteria lingering around. To provide your family the cleanest and healthiest experience, you should start with the sink.

Check your faucet for any drips and leaks. Do all the dishes and then pour baking soda or vinegar down the drain. This will clear all the foul odors from your sink.

The next step is to clean the oven and stove. You should use a disinfectant or kitchen cleaner that removes any stubborn grease or grime. Spray the solution generously around, and then wipe everything down with a rag or microfiber cloth.

If you have a trash bin in the kitchen, this should never be left open. Otherwise, you will consistently need to deal with the horrendous smell that will put you off all your food.

Get a metal trash can with a closed lid to avoid bad odor. Always empty your trash each day instead of letting it sit and rot. This way, you can spend time cooking the best meals with loved ones without ruining the mood.

Hire Experts

Everyone should know how to keep a house clean during summer because it is when the most dust settles to cause allergies if you are not careful. Contact us today for the most professional service and let us take care of all your summer cleaning responsibilities.