Pet ownership can have a lot of physical and psychological benefits, from lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to helping us deal with depression and loneliness. Unfortunately, pets also come with a side effect–mess. Pets can be messy and can leave our homes in a more chaotic state than we would like to see them in, so here are some tips for keeping your household clean for both yourself and your furry/scaly friends.

Dirty Business

One of the simplest tips is daily attention to one of the messiest and most unpleasant parts of pet ownership, dealing with waste. One solution for critters who do their business indoors is daily attention, making sure you get in the habit of cleaning the litterbox or changing the paper every day can prevent the buildup of unpleasantness in both the area and on the pet. Do not rely too much on air fresheners and odor eaters. These do help, but it is better to deal with the problem regularly than mask it.

Pet Hygiene

Keeping on top of your pet’s hygiene can also be beneficial in keeping your pets healthy and keeping your house clean. Brushing and washing of furred pets helps control shedding and dander, regular nail trimming can save your furniture, your floors and in some cases your own skin.

Change Your Filters

If your home has an HVAC or Ventilation System makes sure you acquire pet specialized filters from your local hardware store. These can help with general odor reduction and keep pet debris like excess hair from building up in your ventilation.

Outdoor Supervision

While some may disagree with this, it is better for pets to be supervised outdoors. Free roaming cats often encounter more mess and both their health and yours are more in danger by wandering outside. Ensuring they are supervised allows a measure of control over what they get into, what other animals they might be coming into contact with and what they’re eating.

Lastly, feel free to contact us for a free estimate on regular home maintenance. Having our reliable, responsible cleaners go over your home can help alleviate some of the messes regularly left by pets allowing a more enjoyable time with your fuzzy companions without some of the stresses.

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