Summer is a season of garden parties, weddings, and other celebrations. It’s a time to truly enjoy yourself and get some well-deserved rest and relaxation. However, with the summer sun comes the ability to see every spec of dust and dirt in your home. You may be noticing the thin layer of dust on your ceiling lights or the pests that have made their way indoors from outside. Summer is the perfect time to get your house cleaning done because you can see everything.

Take a look at these top tips for cleaning your home this summer.

1. Invest in a Step Ladder

It’s easy to ignore the dirt and dust that gathers above us because it’s not on eye level. However, the longer it’s left, the worse it becomes. Dust likes to gather on ceiling lights and fans, on the top of cupboards and above appliances, like fridge-freezers.

It’s not easy to reach those unseen places and it can be dangerous using a dining chair or stool to get to those heights. Instead, get yourself a step ladder that you can easily store away and pull out when you need to do a little dusting around the home.

2. Clean Your Fridge

Summer is a season of fresh fruit, cocktails, and BBQ meat. Along with making room in your fridge to store the leftovers, you’ll want to make sure it’s sparkling clean. It’s also a good opportunity to go through the contents and make sure there’s nothing in there that’s passed its use-by date.

It’s easier to clean your fridge by compartment. Start by taking out any drawers and washing them thoroughly before putting them back. Then start with the shelves, working from the bottom to the top.

3. Pick up Your Broom

It might not be Halloween yet, but a girl should never be without her broom regardless. Check through your home for cobwebs in the corners of your rooms. You’ll also find them around windows, window boxes, and mailboxes. Dust them away with a broomstick for a quick and fresh look.

It’s handy to keep your broom near your porch if you have one. Debris will always blow onto your porch, no matter what season it is. A quick brush around with your broom is perfect for freshening up.

4. Tackle the Kitchen Cabinets

It’s often one of the most tedious but necessary cleaning jobs in the house for good sanitization. Over the months, your kitchen cabinets can gather anything from stains to crumbs and dirt. It can also be difficult to organize your cabinets when you’re busy.

Rather than emptying all the cabinets at once, do one cabinet at a time. Take the contents out and use some warm soapy water to wash inside and the cabinet doors. For any tough stains, purchase a stain remover spray.

5. Clean Outdoor Furniture

It may have been a while since you regularly used your outdoor furniture, but summer is the season to be outside. You’ll probably spend time outdoors—sunbathing, dining al fresco, and entertaining friends and family. The last thing you want is someone sitting on a patio chair that’s full of spider webs and bugs.

If you have removable covers on your furniture, now is the perfect time to take them off and give them a thorough wash. This will ensure they’re clean and fresh, but that you also kill any bugs that have made a home for themselves. Dust off other furniture with a broom and wash with a disinfectant spray.

6. Clear the Bathroom of Mold

Summer is the perfect time to tackle any mold problems you may have in your bathroom. Mold can often occur in bathrooms with no or poor ventilation. Although your bathroom will still be in use, it’s an ideal time to keep the windows open so that the walls don’t get too damp and develop mold.

You’ll then be able to remove any mold, dry out the walls and repaint if necessary. It’s also important to install some form of ventilation so you don’t get the same problem again throughout the winter.

7. Keeping Floors Clean

Different floor materials require different cleaning methods. It may be difficult to keep your floors clean during summer with the heavy traffic through your home. We spend more time outdoors, so we often drag dirt and debris back inside with us.

professional cleaning service could take the hassle away from you. The last thing you want to be doing is constantly cleaning your floor during your summer break. If you do want to take on the job yourself, you can get deep cleaning floor cleaner for every material.

House Cleaning in Summer

Keeping your house clean in summer is no easy feat. No one wants to be house cleaning when they could have a cocktail in one hand and a chili-dog in the other. If you’d rather leave the work up to the professionals, Hubbard’s Maid Service is here to save the day.

With everything from laundry service to top to bottom cleaning, there won’t be a spot that’s missed. That leaves you to sit, relax and soak in the sun. For all the services we offer or a quote for your home or office, take a browse through our website and contact us.