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What Do I Do If I Need Extra Tasks/Service?

We do the service as the client requests. If you require any specific tasks, make a call a day before the scheduled cleaning day to let us know the instructions. We will be able to quote a price for the extra tasks and additional time.

Can You Guarantee The Safety Of My Items?

Yes. We do thorough background checks on all employees that we plan to hire. We cross-check details such as job history and conduct during previous jobs. Our priority is the satisfaction of the client, and we are aware that security is a big part of that. Our company...

Who Should Provide The Cleaning Chemicals And Equipment?

We let you decide whether you want to provide the supplies or not. However, it is best if we use your supplies to get the best results. The cleaning equipment is not used between houses. Sharing equipment can transfer germs and pet dander from house to house. We have...