Local vs. National Maid Service

Why should you choose a local professional maid service company like ours, Hubbard’s Maid Service, over the big franchises like Two Maids and A Mop, Maidpro, or Merry Maids?  Because we are truly local, we have a higher level of client satisfaction and we’re just plain funner. We don’t answer to corporate so we do what’s best for each individual customer nor do we have to pay out franchise fees which means more money circulating in the local economy and the more value we can bring to our clients. We have more room for growth and can offer more house cleaning jobs to people in the Savannah area!

The Local Difference

Choosing us over a franchise like Merry Maids ensures a higher level of client satisfaction. Franchises are restricted with red tape and many levels of bureaucracy while a local company like ours has more flexibility to serve the client. Some unique points about Hubbard’s is we notify people by phone about their upcoming appointment, unless they specify otherwise. Most clients love to have a phone call reminder they have an upcoming scheduled appointment. It gives them a chance to let us know if they have a change in their schedule or work order.

Another point which sets Hubbard’s Maid Service apart from companies such as Maidpro or Two Maids and a Mop is we can offer a higher quality of service.  This is because we are not restricted by governing franchise rules. Non franchised maid services usually have a lower attrition rate than the franchises.  This means our maids stay longer and get better.

Positive Home Cleaning

Cleaning is boring.  No surprise there. We are a whole industry based on something most people don’t want to do.  With all the important things to fit into the day, the drudgery of cleaning is not how someone wants to spend their night!  Our maids enjoy cleaning!  We make it fun with a positive work environment.  We make it fun by truly listening to our clients needs.  We make it fun for our clients with exciting offers and interesting e-mails.

We’ve got some pretty crazy commercials out there.  If you haven’t seen one of our Hubbard’s Maid Service commercials, check them out on YouTube.  They’re pretty cute!  By making it fun, Hubbard’s Maid Service has long term employee commitment. If you have a cleaner service your home, chances are they will still be with the company 1, 2, 5 years later. That’s unheard of in our industry but we are committed to our Savannah community and providing the best job possible for professional house cleaners.

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